Artist statement

I work with images collected from digital media. This is different than simply looking for the motif of my painting on digital. I am interested in the way in which images are handled in the digital world and the way in which I experience them, and that is the main theme of my paintings. Nowadays, it is not an exaggeration to say that the flood of images, digital image is being produced explosively in every second, every minute, and it has come to an era where it can easily share and access them in dig- ital space. Now, more images are consumed in a shorter period of time than in any other age. This environment has made us different in attitude toward pictures. Peo- ple are no longer seeking a single image or exploring the meanings of many aspects of an image, nor even viewing a single image for a long time.
I do not see this phenomenon just as critical, but rather as a phenomenon that re- sponds to environmental conditions. I am also not exceptional in its environmental impact. I was rather interested in the images being arranged in the digital world by mechanical, mathematical, and algorithmic calculations.
I always question myself about the position of painting in this age. And I am also interested in the direction that painting will moves. Especially, Can paintings them- selves accept this time of age? And how does painting itself make a difference? I am studying them with great interest.